Many business owners are using the social media platform to promote their business.

Ad conversion: 2019 yilinda Instagram takipci satin alma islemi nasil yapilir?

It only makes sense because many people are always online and connected. Whether they are on their cellphones, tablets, or computers, people nowadays are always connected. This is the reason why entrepreneurs take advantage of the social media platforms to promote their business. It is easy for them to make their website or business known to many online users.

Advertising on social media platforms

  • Paid ads. There are many ways to advertise on social media. The most common way is of course to avail the paid advertising campaign of the particular social media. In many social media platforms, they have promoted content that goes to the feed of the online user. The promoted content is the ad of the advertiser. It is recommended that the promoted content is relevant to the user’s interest and likes.
  • Natural search ads. When searching for the keyword instagram takipci satin alma yollari you would be able to see search results on how the social media ad can be converted into a sale.



Conversion on the ad campaign

  1. It is important for the advertiser to know the performance of his ad campaign, and he is getting results from the ads he is running. What may come in handy is to be able to have a conversion track to track the performance of his ads.
  2. In the social media platform such as Instagram, this can be done by tracking how many users click the promoted content, then tracking how many actually commented or contacted the advertiser or seller about the services or products being promoted.
  3. The conversion can even be tracked up to the level where the customer already purchase, as long as the advertiser can define this action on his webpage, and then be tracked on the ad campaign.