Title: The Demand for Hair Growth and Restoration

There are very many reasons under the sun as to why there is a demand for hair treatments


Regardless of the reason, it is undeniable that the market has responded so well to the wishes of these individuals.



One reason for the popularity and demand for hair treatment is because of balding. Although we can’t deny that it is part of aging, there are individuals who have the strong need to cover up the spots of thinning hair. This is natural and acceptable because hair is always considered an important feature of the head and when it starts to fall off our heads, we become worried. Balding is a more common issue in men because of the naturally occurring hormone that interrupts wit hair production. DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) comes from the male hormone testosterone and when it overdoes its job, hair loss can be experienced. While women also have amounts of testosterone in the body, levels of this hormone are obviously greater in men, therefore more vulnerability to balding.



While it’s not always certain to regrow hair naturally in cases of balding due to aging, the market offers many remedies such as hair transplant. Clinics and surgeons across the globe offer these services that cater to these needs.


Health-Related Concerns


Our hair serves a variety of purposes which have evolved over time. During harsh climates, our hair protects us from strong and cold winds to prevent hypothermia. Also, our hair prevents the entry of foreign substances into our body. The hair in our head also helps keep the temperature of our scalp cool, by blocking direct exposure to the sunlight which may cause burning when overexposed. Loss of hair in the head can affect our health through these scenarios. This is why most clients opt to have hair treatments to prevent and avoid further health issues.


Aesthetic Purposes


Because of the highly accessible and readily available products and services targeted to restore hair volume, actors and actresses have also resorted to these methods to alter their hair density. Some characters they play may require a certain characteristic which may involve the hair. The ease of hair restoration services enables them to choose this option to achieve a more realistic feel to it.